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Hydroponics Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, Greenleaf Hydroponics provides a wide range of high quality hydroponic products including grow rooms, nutrients, additives and many others.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of cultivating plants without soil. The plants are grown in nutrient-enriched water with or without the use of an artificial media such as sand, gravel, mineral wool or saw dust to provide support. It was in the 18th century that researchers found out that soil was not essential in the growth of plants. Indeed, it is the mineral nutrient present in the soil which, when dissolved in water, helps the plants to grow but not the soil itself. Most plants can grow with hydroponics. At Greenleaf Hydroponics you will get all the necessary information and products to help you start your business.

Whether you are the owner of a retail or wholesale hydroponic shop, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be really pleased to assist you in your hydroponic needs!

Factory 22 Chris Drv


(03) 9071 0112