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Hydroponic Systems Lilydale, VIC

Greenleaf Hydroponics in Lilydale, VIC, stocks only the best products in the hydroponic industry. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the business.

A hydroponic system involves commitment, be it in terms of the plants to be grown, or of equipment, additives, nutrients and propagators that need to be used.

We Supply Products for All Types of Hydroponic Systems

At Greenleaf Hydroponics, we know exactly how hydroponic systems work. We make it a must to provide our customers with the high-end equipment and accessories that will make their hydroponic system perform at its peak at all times.

Whether our customers have a drip, water culture, flood and drain, or any other hydroponic system, our company has the supplies required for their system to operate effectively.

Our Integrity Sets Us Apart

Even though customer satisfaction and supplying quality products are at the top of our priority list, integrity is also one of our major concerns here at Greenleaf Hydroponics. We believe in always being honest and straightforward with our clients, because your satisfaction is more important to us than a sale.

Our honesty contributes to the reliability of our company.

Products and services that reflect excellence

Products and Services that Reflect Excellence


  • Light hangers
  • Crystal catchers

Growing Media:

  • Coco
  • Vermiculite

Hydroponic Lightings:

  • Reflectors
  • Cool tubes


  • Humidity domes
  • Heat pads

We offer a vast array of hydroponic supplies.