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Hydroponic Store Lilydale, VIC

Trust Greenleaf Hydroponics in Lilydale, VIC, to provide you with the finest hydroponic supplies. Our team is glad to advise you on the right products to use.

Here at Greenleaf Hydroponics, our priority is to deliver products of unmatched quality. Our experienced team always does their best to provide all customers with superior service.

We Guide You Towards the Best Choice

Did you know that not any type of vegetable, fruit or even flower can be grown hydroponically? In the case of vegetables, for instance, leafy greens like lettuce, spinach and watercress, as well as other vegetables like peppers and tomatoes, grow perfectly in hydroponic conditions. On the other hand, vegetables such as squash, zucchini and corn shouldn't be grown in water.

Knowing which plants grow efficiently in water is far from being enough to manage a hydroponic garden. It is important to have knowledge on the different nutrients and additives that will enable your plants to yield excellent crops.

Our duty at Greenleaf Hydroponics is to help our customers find the best products for their hydroponic plants. We supply everything, including hydroponic lights, growing media, kits and accessories. Our company provides a wide array of products to enable our clients to get everything they need under the same roof.

Our Experience Makes Us More Than Reliable

Our 20 years of experience in the business makes our team completely reliable when it comes to hydroponic supplies. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we are also able to offer professional advice to our clients concerning pest control and hydroponic garden maintenance.

We have your satisfaction at heart

We Serve the Following Areas:

  • Lilydale, VIC
  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Dandenong, VIC

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